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 About Merritt Island Private Investigator:


Is your partner exhibiting signs of infidelity? JRS Investigations is a private investigation agency in Merritt Island, excelling in unwrapping mysteries related to cheating spouses. We have a team of highly talented and skilled Merritt Island staff dedicated to detecting infidelity using the most advanced technologies available. Possessing an experience in different investigative backgrounds, our private investigators exhibit unsurpassed credentials to professionally serve you and relieve you from the drowning stress of a baffling relationship.

We will provide you with free consultation services for any complications that are meddling up with your life. Our team of private investigators at JRS Investigations Merritt Island specializes in providing both domestic and corporate investigation services.

Our private investigators Merritt Island combine their knowledge and resources to provide the following set of domestic investigations:

Missing Persons Investigations
Skip Tracing
Missing Relative Investigations
Locate Dead Beat Dads
Marital Infidelity Investigations
Cheating Spouses Investigations
Cheating Wife Investigations
Cheating Husband Investigations
Spousal Surveillance
Video Surveillance
Child Custody Investigations
Child Neglect Investigations
Debugging Services
Bug Sweeps
Computer Forensics
GPS Tracking
Civil Record Searches
Background Searches
Nanny Background Searches
Home Security Systems
We also specialize in providing corporate investigations Merritt Island which are listed out below:

Insurance Fraud Investigations
Employment Screening
Workers Compensation Investigations
Computer Forensics
GPS Fleet Tracking
Public Record Searches
Due Diligence Searches.
Corporate Theft Investigations
Competitor Intelligence Investigations
Corporate Surveillance
Corporate Debugging Services
Corporate Bug Sweeps
Business Security Systems
For any assistance or help you need call us now (321) 608-9165. Whether it is a cheating wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend we will help you to find out the truth with our invincible surveillance services. We are also experts in handling surveillance related to child custody investigationsMerritt Island.

Jody Stacy

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 Merrit Island Private Investigations / Merritt Island GPS Trackers
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#merrittislandprivateinvestigatorCOUNTER SURVEILLANCE
Years of Private Investigation experience have shown that many criminals, stalkers, pedophiles and other dregs are surprisingly vigilant in their surveillance of other people. There are plenty of reasons why you may be the victim of unwanted surveillance.
Current spouses may suspect you of an affair and seek proof of the alleged indiscretion, or an ex spouse could be trying to gather evidence against you for a custody case.
Pedophiles collect video and photos of your children from afar for their own twisted pleasure
Stalkers, kidnappers and murderers can watch your every movement to learn patterns and better plan for their eventual snatch.
Disgruntled ex-lovers and employees will look for any compromising evidence they can find in order to bring you down
Valuable corporate secrets are a consistent target of espionage.The ways that these people can secretly infiltrate your life include computer hacking, breaking and entering, posing as a service person, installation of closed circuit cameras and audio recorders, and by hiring a private investigator against you.
Most people are oblivious that they are being watched, and even if they are suspicious they don’t have the skills to do anything about it.  If you have any reason to believe somebody is monitoring you, JRS Investigations can conduct a thorough counter surveillance investigation. Because we are professional private investigators ourselves, we know all the tricks of the trade and how to spot them.  This is especially important if another professional investigator has been hired by someone to monitor you. Some of our counter surveillance techniques include Bug sweeps, security consulting, identity verification, birth and death records, criminal background investigations, civil background investigations, stake out surveillance, full computer forensic analysis, video and photography, personal surveillance and more.At JRS Investigations we are committed to your privacy, safety, and security. For a consultation on how we may be able to help, call us today at any of our local numbers.
Contact JRS Investigations Now For Your Free Consultation 888 737 – 7690 #merrittislandprivateinvestigator
#merrittislandprivateinvestigationsMerritt Island Private Investigations / Merritt Island Private Investigators Cheating Spouse Investigators GPS

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Jody Stacy

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Merrit Island Private Investigations / Merritt Island GPS Trackers
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#merrittislandprivateinvestigatorTHE MOST ADVANCED INVESTIGATION TECHNOLOGYOur Private Investigators In South Florida Utilize The Latest Technology And Techniques To Gather And Document The Evidence You Need.COMPASSION
You will deal with the same investigator from start to finish, who understands the emotional ups and downs you’re experiencing. They will be there for you every step of the wayCONFIDENTIALITY
From the first call you make to JRS Investigations, even if you decide not to retain our service, everything you say is 100% confidential.PROFESSIONAL
Our investigations are taught patience and will not jeopardize “getting caught” via taking unnecessary risk. There simply is no other agency that is known for its reputation of catching cheaters. #merrittislandprivateinvestigator
#merrittislandprivateinvestigationsMerritt Island Private Investigations / Merritt Island Private Investigators

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